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Why Choose Cravings?

                                         We promise four important aspects within our business: 

                     Fresh Baked – Wholesome Ingredients – No Preservatives – Local Business

Freshly baked product guaranteed with every order! Once your order is placed, I will first make sure I can bake you fresh muffins the morning of your delivery day. Because who wants day old muffins!? A notice of 2 days is helpful; last minute orders I can't guarantee the delivery day requested!

Wholesome ingredients is a must have for this bakery! Whole oats are freshly ground in preparation of each batch being made. Unsweetened applesauce steps into the place of oil in our delicious protein muffins! Also we love using whole ground spices with all our products; Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger!

Fresh wholesome ingredients means there won't be any added preservatives in our products! Our ingredient labels will contain all natural items and no added chemicals. You will know what each ingredient actually is!! Also an important reminder, the shelf life isn't very long since there aren't any preservatives. Check each product description for specific number of days!  

Local, Local, Local! Cravings will be a Wilmington based business. We want our community to have access to healthy wholesome products! Check out below for all our locations!

                                                     Thanks for checking out our website!

"What made you want to start a healthy bakery?" Is a question I get asked all the time!

Charlotte Evans


Cravings started because I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man... not really, I just like to eat a lot. I competed in a fitness show a few years ago and that's when I realized healthy & WHOLESOME sweets were NOT available. Yes, a lot of products say they are "healthy" and "sugar-free", but in reality they are just as bad as a slice of your mama's cake! 

That's why I started looking at what's really in the food that we eat. A typical protein bar (not all of them) are almost as bad as a candy bar, but the packaging and labeling make it look as though we are doing good for our bodies. Not so much. There are sugars hiding in most of the ingredients listed! For examples; barley malt, dextrose, maltose and rice syrup.. aka SUGAR. It doesn't matter what form it’s in, it will still react the same once it's within your body--not good!

That’s where Cravings comes in to save the day! (Well just your sweet tooth). I wanted to create products that satisfy your sweet tooth without messing up your healthy lifestyle. 

       To sum it up: I LOVE SWEETS! 

What Coffee Shops Are We Located At!?

Grinders Cafe : 5032 Wrightsville Ave

Bespoke Coffee : 202 Princess St

Tama Tea :  1127 Military Cutoff Rd

Java Dog : 303 N Front St


Poplar Grove Farmers Market on Wednesdays 8 -1


If you have any ideas on a location near you, please don't hesitate to offer your opinion! We want to be where you want to be!

Wilmington, NC

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